Durham is...

LA CES™ Program Manual
(list generated by attendees of July 20th meeting)
Involved.Opportunity.Welcoming.Community.Collaborative.Participatory.Shared responsibility.Transforming. Art heals. Art brings community together. Inclusion. Combo small town and  city. Open to change. Integrity. Listen. Thoughts and feelings. Arts tell people’s stories. Old south, new south. Southerness. Grit-good for gizzard.  Costumery happens here. Human full of rhythm. Heart. Heart on sleeve. Stories. Gritty. Unique. Renewal. Growth. Arts community. Esteem. Use public space. Brick. American. Stew. Home. affordable. Eno river.Urban and rural. Neighborhoods. Working class. Churches. Sincere. Malleable. Dough. Reality. Energy. Diversity. Clay. Art is healing. Broken heart. Survivor. Don’t run from problem. Love what you have. Reach people. Vital. Brick buildings. Pauli Murray/Fitzgerald. Local. History. Own identity. Home. Green spaces. Industrial. Dynamic. New and Old. Eclectic. Depth. Diversity. Creative energy. Engaged.
What is Durham to you? Use the comment tool to add your own words.


  1. From our Facebook page: "It's both a small town and a city. It's a place where there are no strangers - only people you haven't yet met. It's a place where we know our neighbors, and the names of their dogs. (And often, the stories behind the dogs' rescues.) It's a place where roads change names - and directions-sometimes unexpectedly. It's near a place called Bahama, which doesn't rhyme with pajama. It's a city full of pride and love and empathy, and sometimes outrage and action and protest."

  2. From Facebook fan Ruth G.: Durham is taco trucks, fried pickles and Elmo's biscuits and gravy on a Sunday morning. Durham is a beautiful collage of personalities and skin tones. Durham is The Independent Weekly, American Tobacco and the Bulls. Durham is old... and new... and ever-changing. Durham is home.

  3. From Facebook fan Jessie F.: "durham is a street full of odd little shops with wonderful people behind the counter, a school where students' passion for arts is nurtured and blossoms, a street violinist named david who remembers when you were a kiddo listening to him play a song you requested, and more opportunities for arts and music and cultural diversity and exposure than anywhere else i've lived. durham is forever in my heart."

  4. From Facebook fan Jeff S.: "Durham is finding handwritten rap lyrics with the MC's phone number while walking your dogs. Durham is local hops. Durham is deep blue like the sky over the American Tobacco Trail. Durham is a stranger encouraging you to finish that run to the Locopops because he knows you're strong.

    Durham is a long, dark tree-lined street filled with fireflies."

  5. Durham is... a place where I frequently am on the phone at work in downtown Durham and hear the train both IN the phone and OUTSIDE my office window. And I am reminded of just how small we are in the universe, here in city Durham, planet Earth.