Request for Proposals- the nitty gritty

Presentations should be 5-10 minutes in length. They will be shown in groups of 2-3, followed by constructive feedback from the attendees. Work should be visual and inclusive of the group brainstorming ideas on “What is Durham?” from the initial meeting on the 20th of July (see “Durham is…”). The piece should be able to be executed outdoors and mostly within the time frame of a Saturday 9-5. All members of the community will be invited to join in the making of the piece. It is likely that Friday night could be used for set up, Sat. night for celebration, Sunday for deconstruction (family day…make art from art, with music and food trucks?). Documentation is desired throughout, although the photo(s) of the actual piece for the show at the DAC should likely occur around 6 pm on Saturday.Tentative dates for the weekend event are Oct 1-3, or Sept 24-26.

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  1. Excellent idea, wonderful meeting yesterday.

    I'd love to see the diverse populations of Durham represented herein.