We're taking over the park this Sunday, 10-3-2010!
This is a project about Durham. Who we are. What we stand for.
The strength of our community. Each piece of art created for the portrait is unique.
It is made of leftovers, scraps, carefully composed and assembled by one or more members of our community. On Sunday we will bring these pieces of art together to form a larger piece of art. A piece of art that, from an airplane, may appear to be a large flag of Durham laid on the ground but that, when seen from a helicopter through a binoculars, becomes a large group of humans holding art in the colors of the flag and in the configuration of the flag. A puzzle in which the pieces are human.

SO, what to know- show up with your piece of blue.
There will be music, there will be storytelling, there will be DIY opportunities.
There will be video booths waiting to record your story of Durham. Bring a picnic and pack smart because, as a celebration of Re-Use and in an effort to reduce waste, you will be asked to pack out everything that you pack in.

See you there!! 
and ps- yes, I did staple my finger while making some blue art tonight

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