Just 24 hours! This just in...

A Durham gnome!
There are just 24 hours left until A Community Portrait of Durham in Durham Central Park and the news keeps rolling in!


— We are having participants mostly fill in the blue section of the flag and using other materials/fabric to fill in the red and yellow parts of the flag. BUT, we invite members of the community to wear yellow and red, i.e. NCCU school colors, to fill in the smaller parts of the flag, too! So, if you have bright red, maroon or yellow tees to wear, you're more than welcomed to sport your school colors.

— Participants are welcomed to bring musical instruments for impromptu performances and jamming beginning at 3:15 p.m. in the part. You'll have free reign to picnic and play until about 4 p.m., when the Warehouse Blues Series concert begins.

— We've just confirmed some very special guests that will likely thrill both the kids and the grown-ups who attend. We encourage you to bring your cameras, too, to capture some of what's going on, and in case you want to get some memories of these Durham icons.

— There's still time to make art that represents Durham! One icon of Durham is the randomly placed garden gnomes that have been popping up all over the Bull City, and documented on this website.

Thanks to some creative volunteers, the gnome will be represented in the portrait (see photo)!! This Scrap Exchange-borne gnome was created by Hannah Peele, Sarah Bingham and Jessica Moore and has been named Klaus "The Blue Phoenix" Klemenson by the Durham Gnome bloggers, who will appear at the event Sunday to hold him up!

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