What is next for A Community Portrait of Durham?

The aerial photograph will tour Durham in 2011 (DAC show runs until Jan 9) and there is talk to create some additional opportunities for folks to come out and tell their stories.  These are open and collaborative opportunities for discussion.  This project was developed as an idea to create a dialogue using art as mode of expression. 

This project was also created to support The Scrap Exchange raise awareness and funds toward a permanent home in Durham Central Park, add programming and create green jobs.  The Scrap is a catalyst for reinvention- both in terms of materials and human creativity.  2011 marks their 20th anniversary!  Sign up for their newsletter for updates on activities.

Tour and discussion locations will be announced here in early 2011 and also on facebook. In the meanwhile, feel free to share an idea or a story about Durham right here.
 And if you are in the photograph, be sure to go by Through This Lens to sign the copy in the window!  Roylee is selling prints and half goes to The Scrap Exchange!

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